2020 Pierre Girardin Meursault &
2020 Pierre Girardin Meursault &

2020 Pierre Girardin Meursault 'Eclat de Calcaire'

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“I feel so lucky to farm those same wines and make the Chardonnay and Pinot noir of my dreams” Pierre-Vincent Girardin is a 13th generation winemaker in Burgundy. When his father, Vincent Girardin, sold his domaine in 2011 he kept 4.5 hectares of his best sites to one-day pass on to his son, and in 2017 Pierre made his first vintage. Pierre is focused of farming and dedicated to the tradition of Burgundy; making tasting the terroir a goal in his wines. He grew up in Meursault, working with his father and playing in the vineyard, so creating a wine with this sense of place is his main goal. This Meursault Éclat de Calcaire let’s you taste the limestone and white clay of the land while still being a well rounded, buttery chardonnay.

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