Il Poggio Gavi 2020

Il Poggio Gavi 2020

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Tasting notes

Nuvole is the wine of summer: crisp, clear and pure, to be drunk young. Its yellow colour is veined with green highlights that introduce scents of sage and marjoram, fresh aromas of lime and bergamot, distant memories of exotic yellow fruit. It continues, fresh and citrusy, on the palate, with soft hints of apple. The finish is savoury, dry, decisive and linear.


Perfect with olives, peanuts and crisps as an aperitif, it pairs beautifully with white fish and vegetables. Excellent with vegetable-stuffed ravioli, pasta with pesto, salads, chickpea flatbread and cold chicken and rabbit entrées. The combination with prosciutto is something worth discovering, and it's an absolute must with pizza...

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