Zafra "Zacapa" Master Series 30 Year Old Rum

Zafra "Zacapa" Master Series 30 Year Old Rum

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Limited Edition 

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Panama- This 30 Year Old rum is a luxury limited edition of 6,720 bottles aged in hand-selected ex bourbon casks. It is rich with notes of dried fruit, vanilla, honey and nutmeg.

This is a rum from Panama. This expression, is a Limited Edition yearly series. We hand select Bourbon Casks, to ensure their optimal condition in preparation for aging this extraordinary rum. These casks are carefully cellared under the watchful eye of our Master Ronero, where the rum interacts with the Bourbon Casks, and is masterfully blended in Small Batches, into this fine, limited edition 30 year old rum.

Color: Rich mahogany hues.
Nose: Vanilla, dried fruit, with a rich bouquet of oak.
Palate: The rum opens up rich and creamy in the palate. The oak flavors leave you with a perfectly balanced sensation of sweet and spice.
Finish: A big, rich and exquisite, mouthwatering oaky finish.

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